About Elora

Elora is a birth and postpartum doula in Nampa, Idaho. She specializes in holistic care for mothers during this sacred time.

I began my journey in 2020 shortly after finishing my psychology degree. I was planning my first pregnancy and through this journey I realized just how passionate I am about birth and pregnancy. In 2021 I began my DONA training and was awarded certification in 2023. I am also a certified postpartum doula through Newborn Mothers and a certified belly binder through La Matriz Birth.

“Through my practice I hope to bring peace and confidence to my clients during the period of matrescence. I believe that although much of mothering is a learned skill, mothers hold within them the innate knowledge, power and intuition to birth and care for their babies. When I am not with clients you can find me at home with my two boys. I love spending time outside, crafting, cooking and reading.”

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