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Belly Binding

Belly binding is a ritual that is practiced in cultures all over the world.

There are many benefits including: improved posture, increased warmth, better abdomen support, etc. Support of the abdomen can help organs to realign and warmth can speed up recovery. Traditionally, belly binding is paired with massage to increase oxytocin and improve circulation.

Belly Binding Services: $95

Belly binding services include an opening discussion of how postpartum is going and answering any questions you may have about belly binding. Belly binding is a light massage with oils; during which, I will assess your organs to make sure the uturus is in the proper place. I will then bind your abdomen and show you how to bind yourself. This whole process takes about an hour.

Belly binding can be done as soon as 4 hours postpartum but definitely in the first week. The bind is worn 12-16 hours for the first week followed by as needed afterwards. Most women bind during the day and take off at night. If you have had a cesarean birth it is recommended to wait two weeks postpartum, until your care provider says it is okay.