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Postpartum Planning

Planning for postpartum can feel incredibly overwhelming.

Most people have never considered this part of their life. Through one-on-one support and workshops I help new families prepare for after baby’s birth.

During postpartum sessions, we will cover:

  • Village Building - who can help care for you as well as how and when this will happen
  • Creating a food plan - how will you be fed? This could be prepping meals ahead of time, organizing a meal train, asking for gift cards on your registry, etc.
  • How will your mental health be protected - what resources do you need and who will keep an eye on you

Postpartum Planning Workshop: $35

Workshops are two hour long in-person meetings. You will have the opportunity to meet with other couples to discuss your plan for postpartum.

*Upcoming workshop dates can be found here.

Postpartum Planning One-on-one: $35/hour

One-on-one sessions are a special opportunity to talk through anything you need around the topic of postpartum. This package is better for those with trauma, family tension or a larger lack of support.

These meeting can happen in person or virtually.